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Livewire provides a simple wire:click directive for calling component methods (aka actions) when a user clicks a specific element on the page.

For example, given the ShowInvoice component below:

namespace App\Livewire;
use Livewire\Component;
use App\Models\Invoice;
class ShowInvoice extends Component
public Invoice $invoice;
public function download()
return response()->download(
$this->invoice->file_path, 'invoice.pdf'

You can trigger the download() method from the class above when a user clicks a "Download Invoice" button by adding wire:click="download":

<button type="button" wire:click="download">
Download Invoice

When using wire:click on <a> tags, you must append .prevent to prevent the default handling of a link in the browser. Otherwise, the browser will visit the provided link and update the page's URL.

<a href="#" wire:click.prevent="...">

Going deeper

The wire:click directive is just one of many different available event listeners in Livewire. For full documentation on its (and other event listeners) capabilities, visit the Livewire actions documentation page.