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@foreach ($this->users as $user)
<div>{{ $user->name }}</div>
class SearchUsers extends Component
public $search = '';
public function render()
return view('search-users', [
'users' => User::search($this->search),

β€œIMO Livewire takes Blade to the next level. It's basically what Blade should be by default. πŸ”₯”

Taylor Otwell

Creator of Laravel

Livewire has everything.

Livewire's mission is to build on the efficiency and joy of building web apps with Laravel and push it to the max. Any part of web development that can be made easier, we have tried or are planning to do.


Building powerful forms is one of Livewire's greatest strengths. Otherwise difficult tasks, like real-time validation and file uploads, are made dead simple.


Displaying application data inside tables is possibly the most common need when building web apps. Livewire is perfectly suited for this task. Displaying data, paginating, filtering, and sorting are all a breeze with Livewire.


Displaying charts of real-time data feeds becomes trivial in Livewire. Hook up a data source to your favorite charting library and let Livewire keep it live on the page.

Image uploads

Handling file and image uploads is traditionally a difficult task. Livewire takes care of everything: validation, temporary uploads, preview images; everything.

Lazy loading

Instead of holding up an entire page load for a single component with a large database query, Livewire makes it incredibly easy to instead show a loading indicator and lazilly load the component on the page.

And much more

Livewire has countless features that make building interfaces a breeze. If you find something you can't do in Livewire, you can almost certainly do it in Alpine, which we've built to unlock unlimited possibilities.

Loved by developers around the world

Here's what people are saying about using Livewire.

Len Woodward

Livewire has allowed me to consolidate my test suites, since I no longer have to run a bunch of tests against compiled js.

Dan Harrin

You're looking at, hands down, one of the most innovative full-stack frameworks of recent times. The cohesion between your frontend and backend when using Livewire and Alpine.js is unmatched by any API.

Tony Lea

Before Livewire, my application was a messy bowl of AJAX spaghetti. Now, my front-end and back-end are super organized, and they communicate like telepathic twins finishing each other's sentences. Livewire has changed the way I think about building apps, and it has also made the process much more enjoyable!

Robert Cordes

Afters years of using Vue and React, developing with Livewire feels like cheating.

Chris Fidao

Livewire lets me create the interactivity of an SPA without having to learn yet-another frontend framework. Staying within Laravel and Blade is an absolute productivity *multiplier*. I don’t code without Livewire.

Ed Grosvenor

All of the $.ajax with none of the jQuery!

Eric L. Barnes

Livewire is magical. It just makes sense. The perfect pairing between your Laravel code and your front end. All wrapped in a well-documented package that works beautifully.

Aaron Francis

I love Livewire because it lets me build faster without thinking about things that don't matter. The first time you use it, you realize how much boilerplate you've been writing, and you'll never want to go back.

Alex Wulf

Do yourself a favor and simplify your life.

β€œI too think Livewire is πŸ”₯”

Caleb Porzio

Creator of Livewire